Disposable Nipple Covers

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Non Adhesive Nipple Covers

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One Time Use vs Reusable

Adhesive vs Non Adhesive

My Little Big Day offers Disposable Nipple Covers for one-time, short events, and Non-Adhesive Nipple Covers for reusable, long events, which can be cleaned multiple times.


1. Wash your body and hands thoroughly.
2. Stand in front of a mirror and flip the adhesive side up.
3. Lean forward and attach the cover directly over the nipple.
4. Smooth the edges to ensure full contact with the skin.
5. Press with a warm palm for ten seconds to activate the heat-activated adhesive.


  • Do not apply on sunburned, sensitive or irritated skin
  • Stop using if irritation or redness appears
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Made in China
Non Adhesive Nipple Covers

Key Features

Say Goodbye to Embarrassment

Introducing our newly upgraded non-adhesive nipple covers, leveraging cutting-edge technology. Designed to prevent the embarrassment of visible nipples, these ultra-thin, summer-ready nipple covers are your perfect solution for invisible comfort and confidence.

Advanced Technology

Our nipple covers use innovative body heat-activated technology, ensuring a secure fit with just a 10-second press of a warm palm. This strong adhesion, combined with the absence of any adhesive, makes them ideal for sensitive skin and frequent reuse.

Experience the Difference

Upgrade your wardrobe with our advanced non-adhesive nipple covers and enjoy unparalleled comfort, security, and invisibility. Perfect for every occasion, from daily wear to special events, our nipple covers are the ultimate solution for a smooth, confident look.

Invisible Non-adhesive Nipple Covers


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